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The instructions on these tutorial pages have been provided as a courtesy. You are not authorised to distribute them in any manner including (but not limited to) electronic, printed or written format without written permission from the author. Please acknowledge the author when you use these as the basis for your work.
Copyright © Myléne Hillam (Mill Lane Studio).

Click on the image or the link below the image to download the Tutorial
  Wire Ball Bead      

Create a Wire Ball Bead using 28 gauge wire and the Coiling Gizmo


Mixed Metals Cuff Links Spiral Leather Cuff Expoxy Resin Stickers    
Create a fabulous pair of cuff links using Magic-Glos UV curing resin

How to use Silver Creek Leather interchangeable focal components


Make your own Epoxy Resin Stickers and Embellishments    
Moulding with Friendly Plastic ScrapsMake your own embellishments using Friendly Plastic Scraps

Moulding with Friendly Plastic
Making embellishment with Friendly Plastic Strips
Kimono Fold Pocket TutorialKimono Fold Pocket - a simple paper fold to hold a bookmark or other small gift
Faux Barbed Wire Tutorial
Faux Barbed Wire
Soy silk fusion fabric
Soy Silk Fusion Fabric
multilayered beadcap beadCreate unique, one-of-a-kind beads using beadcaps

Friendly Plastic beads
Making Friendly Plastic beads using AMACO bead rollers. This link takes you to the AMACO website
Friendly Plastic Earrings Tutorial
Friendly Plastic inlay technique.
This tutorial also includes the steps on how to put the earrings together.

headpin jewellery bail
Making a jewellery bail from a Swarovski crystal headpin
Tying perfect bows
Tying perfect bows

Dazzling faux opals
Dazzling Faux Opals (available for purchase soon in my new book and ebook.)
Glassy Iridescent Pendant
Glassy Iridescent Leaves (available for purchase now by visiting the books page)




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