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Welcome to Mill Lane Studio - home to my creative space.

I'm Myléne Hillam, a mixed media artist, teacher and demonstrator and I design jewellery and craft projects for the craft and hobby industry.

How did the name Mill Lane come about? Well, as hard as you might try, you'll probably mispronounce my name. Don't worry, you're not alone! Try it like this - Mill Lane or Milaine.

I design and create with a variety of materials, exploiting their potential and exploring their limitations, and much of what I know I've learnt from this kind of play and experimentation.

Without the constraints of a formal art education I have the freedom to explore techniques and ignore rules which has allowed me to develop my own style, a style that is clean and uncluttered but with a hint of the unusual: different, unique and original. My motto is "Dare to be different".

On these pages you'll find links to my classes, tutorials and also galleries where you can browse and purchase my ebooks, tutorials, resin bangles and jewellery.

Visit these other places to see more of my work:

Newsflash! Newsflash! Newsflash!

Resin Bangle workshops now available in Brisbane.

For more information click here

Handmade bangles and jewellery available for purchase in the Resin Bangle Boutique!

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